Basic Beanstack Instructions

Need help using Beanstack?

Track your books from wherever you are! This year you can register online for Beanstack Logging Program and track your reading online, from the convenience of your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can even log the reading activities for all your family from one account, using our library's Beanstack platform.

Detailed Instructions

Getting Started

  • Use the link to our MFPL's Beanstack page OR download the Beanstack app via your smartphone's app store, either for Android (Google) or iOS (Apple).
  • If using the app, look for the program for Mattapoisett Free Public Library. Start a free account with an email and password.
  • Now sign up each person in your family or group (daycare, preschool, etc.) individually. For each one, register for the age-appropriate Reading Challenge -- Children's, Young Adult, or Adult.

Logging Time or Books Read

  • Click on the red "Log Reading and Activities" button (on the webpage) or the big  sign (in the app). Select one reader, or "all readers" on your account, and log books or minutes, and, optionally, the title of the book.
  • To enter a particular book title, start typing the title, and select from the choices that appear. If you're using the mobile app and have the book available, you can also choose to "Scan ISBN" Then use your camera to scan the ISBN barcode of the book. (Not the library's barcode, but the one printed on the back cover that usually begins with "978.")
  • If you are logging books for the Quahog Awards Program, make sure you click yes and add a review in order to receive your prizes.

Adding a Review

  • Let all your fellow readers know about books you've liked by adding a review!
  • Click on the "Add a Review" button (on the webpage) or the big  sign (in the app).
  • For the Quahog Reading Program, you must answer specific questions in your review and write a couple of sentences to tell us what you thought of the book.  Once your review is approved, you will receive your prize or activity kit.
  • Reader reviews will be posted on the site, so you can see what other kids your age are reading!