Printing, Copying, & Fax

Policies During Covid-19

Library patrons are still able to utilize our printing, copying, and fax services while the library remains closed. If you are interested in printing, copying, or faxing, please contact the library, by phone at 508-758-4171 or email at

Printing, Copying, and Faxing Pricing

Faxing, Copying, and Printing

  • Fax prices for patrons (incoming or outgoing): $1.50 for the first page, .50 for each additional page
  • Fax #: 508-758-4783
  • Copies: .10 each page; patrons pay a staff member the total amount for copies when done. Color copies cost .25 per page.
  • Printing: .15 per page (black and white & color)