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Canned Goods and Stone Soup: Join the Sustainability Partnership for Free Hot Soup

Collecting Soon to be Expired Soup Can Donations: February 5th - February 25th

The Sustainability Partnership will transform your donated canned goods into stone soup to share with you in Reynard Hall at the Congregational Church. Its part of our continuing effort to find ways to conserve our environment and use resources wisely. In February we are focusing on reducing food waste by buying what we need, using what we have, and avoiding tossing unused food in the trash.

Winter is a great time for soup. Open your pantry and check what canned soup and vegetables you have on hand. Buthave you checked the best by dates or expiration dates on your canned goods lately? How many cans of beans, chicken noodle soup, corn, etc. do you have stocked up? Do you remember what recipe they were bought for? Heres an opportunity to use those products before they get tossed in the trash.

Donate canned soup, vegetables, or fruits that are getting close to their end dates, and we will turn them into Stone Soup on February 29th to share with you. Have you read the childrens book, Stone Soup? Its an old folk tale in which hungry travelers come into a town of humble peasants and together they create a warm, delicious meal that each person has contributed to. Thats our goal.

Between Feb. 5 and Feb. 25 you can drop your donations of canned food off at three

1. The Mattapoisett Library during open hours where there will be a box near the upstairs circulation desk;
2. The Mattapoisett COA Drop Monday-Friday 8 a.m.3:00 p.m.; or
3. Mattapoisett Congregational Church on Mondays and Thursdays between 9 and noon (use the Mechanic Street door and leave them on the big wooden oval table near the kitchen).
The lunch is free, but you must register online at
We hope you will join us! If you have questions, please email Barb at .

Local Area Hiking Trails

Explore the Outdoors.

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Mattapoisett Historical Commission

Commemorative Granite Bricks

The Mattapoisett Historical Commission is offering an opportunity to purchase commemorative granite bricks in honor of family, friends, or events. Inscribed bricks have been placed in Shipyard Park, Ned's Point, the Town Hall, Tinkham Pond, and the Herring Weir. 

The Mattapoisett Historical Commission has been at the forefront of this project for the last fourteen years. Over five hundred bricks have been placed during that time, and installed in partnership with the Mattapoisett Highway Department. The cost of each brick is $65. 

The brick may be inscribed with up to three lines, each line containing no more than 16 letters per line, including spaces and punctuation. Currently, there is available space for bricks to be installed at Shipyard Park. Please note, the Mattapoisett Historical Commission reserves the right to omit any wording deemed inappropriate. 

Click here for the order form and contact information. 

Adult Education Programs

Adult Education Programs are open in New Bedford!

Immigrants' Assistance Center (New Bedford)

ESOL, Citizenship online,Massachusetts Literacy Hotline 1-800-447-8844

Contact: what's app 508-993-6621

Adult education programs offer classes in:

  • ESOL
  • Adult Basic Ed
  • Citizenship
  • Computer Literacy
  • Job training
  • programs